A Complete Guide to Possessing Dangerous Animals in the United Arab Emirates

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UAE is a land of providing its people with extravagant living, opulent lifestyle, stunning cars, futuristic architecture, and the presence of exotic pets.A lot of people like keeping pets at home. A great degree of people in the UAE can keep animals under certain conditions. Pets like lions, tigers, and chimpanzees are wild animals and people may like owning them.

This article is dedicated to explaining the rules, laws, and conditions. There are specific rules regarding the ownership of animals and pets in the country.The UAE has a proper set of federal laws that govern the possession of dangerous and wild animals. The law identifies the category of animals that pose a threat to human life and other inhabitants. This category includes hybrid animals, semi-dangerous animals, predators, and more. If you have plan to adopt a pet or want to import you can check with modern advocates and legal consultants here.

As per the law of UAE, people cannot possess, own trade, or breed the dangerous and wild animals in the region. It is strictly prohibited for individuals and the legal entities of the UAE.Therefore, it means that keeping or having ownership of dangerous animals including lions, tigers, etc is not permissible. Still, there are some exceptions present concerning the ban imposed on dangerous animals. 

There are certain institutions and legal entities that are exempt from the ban. It includes zoos, park animals, breeding centers, specialized care centers, circuses, and some other places that are allowed to keep dangerous animals.In addition, places like scientific research centers and institutions may require the ownership of dangerous animals for some special purposes. 

Under this, they are permitted to possess dangerous animals. Nevertheless, there is a proper outline given under the law for keeping dangerous animals.For the Movement of dangerous animals from place to place in exhibitions, competitions, and shows requires prior consent in UAE. 

There is a need to get permission from UAE officials. Whenever the event or show takes place they need to get legit permission from relevant local authorities. This includes the transportation and display of animals for the public. It is done to ensure the safety of the general public at large.

Reporting any mishap or incident is crucial.  In case, any person comes across any abandoned or stray animal, they need to inform the relevant local authority. This matter needs to be taken up by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Immediate action is required in this regard. 

A person must report to the concerned local authority or the nearest police station in the vicinity. They are prohibited Dog Breeds which are governed by the law. The UAE has specific rules and conditions for keeping exotic animals.

There are breeds prohibited for the possession, trading, or breeding of dogs and other animals. This may include Pit Bulls, Staffordshire BullTerrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and their hybrids, Mastiff Dogs, Brazilian Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Argentine Mastiffs, DogoArgentino, Tosa, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, PresaCanario, Boxers, and the list goes on.

All types of dogs should be leashed whenever taken outside or to the designated places. This may include hiking, running, walking, or jogging. Furthermore, they must wear appropriate collars. It is done to ensure proper control.Using a dangerous animal to attack any human may result in legal repercussions. In case, if the attack causes a permanent disability, the individual is responsible. 

This may result in a sentence or imprisonment of up to 7 years. As a penalty, this can also result in life imprisonment in serious situations.Furthermore, the law further explains it. Dangerous animals are divided into mammals, invertebrates, birds, reptiles, and others. It includes a wide range of animals that are banned from private ownership in the country.

The United Arab Emirates has strict regulations and laws that govern the possession of dangerous animals. All such rules are designed to protect the general public. It also ensures the safety of the public and the welfare of animals.It is essential for anyone considering acquiring an exotic or dangerous pet or animal that refers to the provided list. It is done to ensure that laws are not violated. 

Adhering to such regulations assists in ensuring the UAE remains a safe haven for its residents, tourists, and others.

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